Our Commitment


At Dray Bar &   Grill we are establishing the art of true hospitality.  

We opened here because we believe in Drayton and Spartanburg.  We love our neighbors, our city and are excited to be apart of this community.  We are here to be the escape from your daily routine. One of our big goals is to deliver the quick vacation, that little respite from everything you need to get done, that distraction from what might be stressing you.

Signature Style


With our innovative comfort food, craft cocktails, local beer selection, eclectic wine list, and honest hospitality, we are here for you!​ We have our guests in mind for everything we do. 

It's Personal


Chef Bob Munnich, his wife Cindy and sons, Boz &   Ian collected the best hospitality professionals to create a truly unique adventure for Spartanburg.

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Monday - Friday 11am - 4pm


Saturday - Sunday 11am - 4pm


Monday - Thursday 4pm - 9pm

Friday - Saturday 4pm - 10pm



1800 Drayton Rd. Ste. 301 

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